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Emma spent much of her adult life battling mental and physical health issues to the point she survived a suicide attempt in 2009. 

In addition to severe depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic disorders and a drug and alcohol addiction- she suffered from a physical disability. In her mid to late 20's she was in and out of hospital & rehabilitation programs to manage her chronic debilitating degenerative spinal condition in which she was told by specialists and doctors was hereditary and there was no cure just a management

plan available.

She was told she would likely be wheelchair bound in her 30's-40s as her pelvis and hips were also deteriorating at a rapid speed. The prognosis also included a cocktail of medications for the rest of her life including regular risky & painful injections and surgical procedures that didn't guarantee movement.

Emma came to a point of desperation for an alternative option and ventured down the path of discovering natural and self healing therapies including mindfulness & meditation. 

She adopted and implemented strategies she was learning and in a short time to everyone's surprise healed her spine, hips and pelvis completely and now enjoys an active lifestyle free of pain or pills! 

It then became her mission to spread awareness of the power of self healing as it saddened her to know that like her many people are not aware that they have the innate ability to heal themselves.She saw too many people like her living their lives as prisoners of their own minds and wanted to be a part of the change.

She then went on to do further studies in coaching (NLP, CBT and narrative) and complementary medicine and has been obsessed with self development and healing since and constantly seeks out courses and training in healing modalities.

She embody's her message that it's a life long process by sharing her journey with her community, encouraging people to never stop evolving and to question everything and personalize your healthcare plan to include holistic care for your mind, body and soul!

 She appreciates that healing is a process of unlearning and getting back to your true self by stripping away the conditioning and beliefs handed down to us. She learnt through this experience of profound healing of her own spine the power of the mind and connection to spirit. She understands more than ever how our thoughts become our reality and how manifestation works and now teaches these methodologies and techniques to people helping them to transform their lives and be free of self inflicted pain and suffering.

Emma's signature program (Life house) is based on the steps she personally took and what she learnt and had to implement to heal and adapts this methodology to support her clients also experiencing self inflicted pain and suffering to give them their live back! All of her courses she offers through her community app and VIP subscription service are mini programs based off this complete self development program so you are always tapping into not just resources taken from professional training but from life experience and real life examples of how to implement these tools into your own life just like she did! 

Her vision and dream is a world without self inflicted pain and suffering and reconnecting people to their own power to heal themselves and the world is her soul purpose!

Online coaching and mentoring programs

Holistic Life Coach , healer, entreprenur, blogger, speaker & advocate for mental and physical health awareness

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