Are you caught in the rat race? Maybe it's time you take the blindfold off

Picture this, we are all in a cross-country long-distance race and there’s a finish line. We are all blind folded and all going at a different pace and direction because no one can see clearly. Some participants are really competitive and/or fearful and knocking other people down with their eyes blindly on the end line. Some participants are endurance runners, using the resources and skills in maintaining a steady pace and consistently pushing themselves beyond exhaustion. They know that at the end there is a finish line and it will all be worth it, and that is their motivating factor. Then there are a large number of people frantically stopping and starting, out of breath, resources and energy, just desperately trying to reach out to anyone available. Every single participant was told by someone at some point “you should do it “this way” and bases their approach on this advice and experience. For every single person their experience will be different, given how they perceive the race.

It only takes one person to slow down, remove the blindfold and notice that the end line is actually death for all of us and the rush to the finish line is really unnecessary and there's no prize for getting there first. It takes one to stop and take in the beautiful surroundings and see the journey as an opportunity to learn new skills and make positive connections along the way. It takes that one person to tap a nearby person on the shoulder to say “hey, you know what, they never said we had to do it blind folded" and "if you do take the blindfold off, there's some beautiful things to experience on this journey."

It would take a lot of trust for the nearby person to believe that one person because it could be a massive set up and actually by removing the blindfold could disqualify you. That is a risk we all need to take when we decide whether or not we will venture down when we awaken.

Imagine then that this starts occurring and everyone starts taking their blind fold off. Everyone starts to realize that there’s no need to be involved in the rat race anymore, and come to understand that what really maters is the time taken to enjoy the journey and make meaningful connections along the way; imagine what kind of world that would be.

This was my story for most of my life, seeing the race but personally feeling like it wasn't meant to be one. I always had this feeling deep down that something wasn't right about the way we were being told to live our lives, constantly trying to attain things, constantly comparing, constantly missing out on the present moment. Like so many, it became my conditioning and what I understood to be 'the way it is' and joined the rat race straight out of school on a mission to find success.

There are a number of like-minded people at the forefront of change and who are all working at convincing people to remove the blindfold and see life and what we make of it in a different way. I am making an effort every day to encourage others to take off the blind fold and realize it doesn’t need to be a rush anymore and that no amount of money is genuinely going to make anyone genuinely happy. There’s no need to over exert yourself or trip others to get to where you are going, because in the end, there will only be suffering for those treating life as a race or a competition.

I am the complete opposite of what society expects me to be at 31 years old. I did get a little taste of the life laid out for me, but soon realized none of it was ever worth it. During my mission to find success, I never found it from anything I achieved or possessed, and trust me I looked everywhere. I have experienced both life on a silver platter with a secure government job as well as have been in a place where I needed to budget $20 to last me a fortnight. Both lifestyles taught me one very important lesson, I was happier with the $20 because I was doing what I loved and studying to become a personal trainer in the big city.

However, everything is temporary and can be taken from you in an instant. We are definitely discovering this more and more now as society comes to terms with the current pandemic and the fact society can be easily turned upside down, something which caught many by surprise that were not aware of the shift and tipping of consciousness. So why are we working so hard to accumulate things all the time if at the end of the day it doesn't bring us happiness?

I have no intention of buying a house apart from building a retreat community off the grid and a campervan where I can travel the country with my family. I have no intention of working full-time ever again or chasing success through an occupation, but rather love what i do and maintain a balance between work and family and I have no intention of sacrificing my health for anyone or anything for the sake of fitting in with societal expectations.

Deep down I know money is energy and rather than pushing for the “ideal life” by following the advice of my peers and seniors saying that at my age I need “security in a full-time job, buying a home and investing money into “good” investments……I instead thank them for their advice, but continue to keep my blindfold off and not return my old ways of thinking that was handed down to me.

A lot of people don't understand the minimalist lifestyle of having less and experiencing more, but I understand it allows the extra energy I need to pour into helping others, engaging in more training and study, and building myself personally and professionally.

I see it this way, an expensive big house includes maintenance and running costs, a full-time job is extra energy spent in industries I’m not passionate about working for someone else’s goal. Due to the fact I have a simple life, many would look at that as being unsuccessful, I know this because I believed it for the early stages too. I currently have no debt, no excess things to maintain and 'stuff' doesn't own me like many people I know.

My idea of success has nothing to do with what I have but rather how I feel. Success to me is a healed spine and pain-free life so I can be active and participate in life. Success to me is a imperfect, genuine happy relationship where both people work on healing and learning to love one another. Success to me is energy spent serving myself and others mental, physical and spiritual needs. Success is happiness

I believe you work for what you need and put anything excess into serving others, for leisure and emergency funds.

I focus my energy firstly into self-care and preservation, so that I work from a full cup, then I share energy by coaching & mentoring. It's a balancing act which is a constant and it's from having that balance that I continue to get closer to reaching my bigger goals and evolve. When you move away from the “dog eat dog world” mindset only then will you be able to manifest the life you've always wanted & live life in the present moment and experience it fully.

So my message to you is this "they never said we had to do it blind folded nor did they say it was a race. There's some beautiful things to experience on this journey if you slow down and simplify, the question is, will you take the blindfold off?'

goals because I’m not going to swim with the sharks or

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