Time to wake up and re-define 'normal'

I have been a bit reluctant to do this post for some time now as there were multiple things telling me my networks and the world might not be ready to hear the alarm bell, but that changed for me today when I saw way too many social media posts that indicted people are wanting to go back to "normal".

It’s no surprise that the media driven messages are instilling in the community a fear strong enough to prompt bulk buying of supplies, as the message has been direct for a very long time, follow procedures or you will suffer the consequences.

This message has been passed down for centuries in many forms.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but there has been a massive shift in the world, with what appears to be the beginning of a new era. There’s a lot of fear around the end of the world, climate change, pain and suffering in the form of disease and illness taking so many

around us, that everyday people are choosing to become more and more closed off from one another, not realizing that it’s the disconnection that is killing us slowly.

The shift is no surprise. For many of the well respected leaders and experts in any field involving working with and understanding the universal laws of the universe, this exact era was believed to be a prophesy in the ancient Mayan times. It was perceived it to be the 'end of the world' but I believe like so many like minded people in my network, it’s not the end of the world in that we are going to lose our planet but rather it’s the end of the era of power and influence as we know it. We are now coming into what is being called the age/era of enlightenment. Put simply people are waking up from a lifetime of induced sleep and it’s a scary time for the people who have profited from this mass sleepwalking that there has been and will continue to be many orchestrated efforts to stop this process.

What I mean by this is people are becoming more aware and openly talking about the many ways the people in power have been abusing the power and controlling the masses for centuries.

It’s only now that the numbers are rising of people willing to make a stand and push for change for the sake of humanity and to live in peace. For centuries scare tactics and promoting mass consumerism for the pursuit of happiness has been the strategy which worked best. With advancements in digital connection, messages can be widespread quicker than before and although there are many positive messages out there for charitable causes, there is a large number of people using those platforms linking directly with us.

These 'people or groups' have been supporting the addictions to persuade society to live and be a certain way as 'sheeple'. In a nutshell, the least desirable outcome for us as a collective would be for society to not wake up to the reality that we are more powerful than we could ever imagine. This is the desired outcome for many people because if we as a collective knew of our power we would overthrow the entire system as we know it.

What do I mean by this, lets put this more simply, the giants are only giants because we as a collective have funded it or voted for it (which is supposedly done correctly- (I've always been very unsure about voting)

Think about it, we complain, bitch and moan that the richer are getting richer and the poor getting poorer, but what would happen if we stopped funding the giants, and shopped closer to home, supporting the eco-friendly, sustainable and values driven smaller product and service providers? What would happen, if every shopper boycotted anything that didn’t support our vision for a better planet and our own communities first? they would be forced out of business or forced to change strategy and join the mission because their power comes from us giving it to them.

We have made everyday choices to consume their products and words as truths and necessities and live life they way they suggest. Why do we do this?... put simply, we are constantly in a state of ‘autopilot’ as a society. Due to consuming things that consistently blocks the positive energies to flow through us and support us in ascending, we stay in this cycle, never experiencing what it’s like for the blocks to be removed. What I mean by this, if we are constantly consuming food that doesn’t meet our nutritional requirements, our systems will not function properly meaning we cannot operate at our best. The same goes for our mind. If we are feeding our minds with all the wrong things, propaganda in the media, music with the frequencies that lower mood, negative self-beliefs fed from ideal material world lifestyle and habits, we cannot ascend and return to our roots. We never connect to our true authentic selves as co-creators and divine beings here with a soul purpose. If we are never told about or encouraged to explore the ancient secrets of universal laws and creation, because there are more people trying to keep it a secret from you than the people trying to open your eyes, then naturally this will be the life cycles that will continue for many people for many years to come.

I’m not a guru, expert or doctor, but one thing I’ve learnt over the last 4 years since I woke up is the truth that nothing is what it seems and my entire reality is a carefully orchestrated world designed to keep those in power in power, and it really was a hard pill to swallow. I went down the rabbit hole and to many 'went crazy.'

Speaking of pills, one of the big examples I should have mentioned is the power and money behind pharmaceutical giants who have been feeding us pills and potions that they actually know harm us. They know that by giving a sugar pill or nothing it can create the same effect, i.e.. Placebo effect as the drug they are trying to push, but instead these products end up on our shelves and into our systems because they are recommend by the medical experts we've come to trust. Experts have known for centuries that the pills and treatments in trials often were not effective, but the question remains, why does something that harms us and isn’t really that effective making it's way to the pharmacy shelves? Money and ignorance.

In the last 2 years of my journey I have stumbled into the world of not just self-healing, but helping so many people through physical and mental conditions by teaching them how to tap into universal healing energy that is the same energies or forces keeping us alive. The very thing that creates a heartbeat, life and everything you see around you that continues to come into existence, started from a chemical reaction that was a chemical reaction due to an invisible force.

You may not know this but you are the creator of your life and experience, the main chemical reactions occurring in your body are linked to your mind and heart, and it all starts with a thought/feeling, both conscious and subconscious. Experts in the field of neuroscience and epi-genetics etc have all agreed that the mind is more powerful than we have ever believed it to be. Science is catching up and no longer dismissing the evidence that helps put an end to pain and suffering for humanity, but so many are even dismissing the evidence and modifying it to suit their project or pursuit, so my question is, who can we trust? The answer is simple...yourself!

If you follow some of the great leaders in these fields, many have come from doctorate backgrounds in both medicine and science, leaving their fields to train in more holistic practices. More and more people are researching and discovering truths starting to prove what the ancient gurus have always known; we are divine, and we are creators ourselves. We have the ability to manifest anything we desire, including health, abundance, love and prosperity, we have just not had this information shared with us.

This epic shift that is occurring, known as the age of enlightenment is changing the way we see the world as we know it and in a way the end of the world is coming whether you like it or not. The underlying drive is love, and whether you like it or not, love conquers every time. Love for thyself and others is the mission behind the movement, and when you can turn self-loathing into self-compassion, self-love, patience and kindness, a whole new world opens and you open a pandoras box to possibilities and manifestation.

I know by writing this/saying this there will be people who will think I’ve reached a new level of crazy. Which is true, but it’s known in my community as ascending. I know for some people the concepts are very far-fetched, but also kind of believable. What I say to this, don’t listen to me, do the research and begin the journey yourself. You can only trust what you know to be true for you and the only way you know is to test it out for yourself!

For the people who are like holy crap, yes this is where I’m at now, I feel so alone, my relationships are torn, my deepest darkest fears are rising to the surface and I can’t cope…’s what I say to you...

You are not alone, since I started this journey I have experienced the roller-coaster ride of emotions, confusion, disconnection and in particular be isolated, laughed at, told I’m no longer “fun” because I don’t drink or party, and as a result the pain and suffering is what I’m still letting go of today.

You are not alone, there is a large group of people all around you, feeling the same emotions, experiencing the same struggles, many have been labelled, depressed, anxious, lost and lazy, when in actual fact they are picking up on the vibes that something is not right. Their existence is not what it used to be, they know they are being fed with lies, but as black sheep, loners, emo, whatever, have found it hard to express those fears with the people around them as the people around them.

I know this, I’ve been there, I sometimes go back there, but this is a message to help you realize, there’s more to the pain and suffering. Our world is orchestrated and a reflection of your inner world and you have the power to change it. In a world where giants are appearing to be taking over the world, those apart of the movement are like the David’s in the scenario with David and Goliath. We have the power to overthrow those abusing the power as a collective, but the mission to keep us isolated and separate is our first hurdle.

I started this post as a reflective exercise to get the message out of my head, it was triggered by someone reaching out about the coronavirus, but I hope if anything this message serves as inspiration to not just disconnect from the propaganda, but from the illusion carefully orchestrated that implies you are part of a group of less value.

Yes, there are pathological dangers out there, where there is a requirement to maintain personal hygiene practices, but I for one am more concerned of the long-term effects of sustained fear, stress and anxiety on us as a society. The long-term effects of suppressed emotions and feelings that cycle around and manifest into much worse physical conditions like disease and illness. I’m not as concerned about a strain of a virus where there is no cure but am more afraid of the bigger epidemic killing people at a much higher rate, stress and disconnection. I’m not concerned about a virus as I am about the fear driven relationships and pursuits of success, leading people down paths of destruction taking others with them. I’m not worried about the coronavirus as like with everything, I’m not buying into everything I hear, I trust what I feel, and what I feel is my own divine power and the universal forces working endlessly to keep me safe and alive. I trust that the time is now to end self-inflicted pain and suffering as more people wake up we are discovering out self-healing powers and our connection to spirit. My question is this, are you ready to wake up?

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