At Health Retreat at Home we offer a number of classes courses & programs to support our community!

All courses are available as in app purchases for members - meaning you can do them easily from your smart phone or computer on the go!

Suitable for both men and women who are feeling run down, disconnected, overtired, stressed, overwhelmed and needing a short break with activities and workshops for self care and development.

Note: Upcoming retreat for Nov in progress (2020)

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Suitable for both men and women who are ready to unplug from the hustle and bustle and get back to basics and nature with a bush camping retreat!

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7 step program

A 7 step program to help you get back to basics to heal your mind body and soul! (Available as a FREE program for all VIP Coaching subscribers-(min Bronze) -$84 per 28 days) Each module there is a new topic and habit to implement to get back to basics and kick-start a healthier and happier life.


The Re-build course has been designed to help families, couples and share houses and individuals develop healthy habits and routines to live harmoniously. Topics covered include: Getting back to basics Family foundations - Values & Contributions Systems & Structure- Command Centers & Shared Planning Family budgeting Minimal living- Introduction to minimalism (including a challenge) Healthy bodies/ Healthy minds Back to basics- Nutrition Meal Planning & Much more!

life house cover

The Life House Program is the founders signature transformational program to help you create the life you have always wanted! It explores every area of life and helps you go deep into discovering your inner wisdom so you can be the best version of yourself! This program will transform your life and mind! (Included is a Gold Plat Membership for exclusive support)


At health retreat at home we have a variety of options to suit everyone's needs and budget. Our pricing structure is based on a discount/ membership benefit scheme where you as the member can build your own coaching package!

There's a high demand for self service and package building, and the reason for that is pretty simple - we are all unique, with unique needs and circumstances!!

All of our online courses (except LIFE HOUSE) require a minimum of a base level subscription ($9.95 per month) to access the course in our app (Better) but there are also options to combine coaching support for a more personalized experience!

All courses (except Life house-signature program) are designed to either be self paced learning modules accessible on purchase OR complimented with 1:1 coaching support sessions for a more personalized program.

Courses with add on coaching support:

When signing up for any of our online courses there is an option to add one on one sessions to create a package that's suited to you.

You will be asked during the sign up process to select a support level (VIP subscription level) to compliment your purchase.

The VIP Subscription levels are our base level sign in options for anyone wanting to receive 1:1 coaching support:

Base, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Platinum 

These membership levels have added benefits including discounts on products and services within the Health Retreat t Home community.


1. Select your support level (VIP Subscription)

2. Choose your course

3. Add discount to chosen course as per membership level  (Save $$$)

4. Select desired payment frequency (Options: Upfront, Monthly, Fortnightly)

5. Await an invitation to download app and instructions on how to activate membership

6. Access your course/s, bookings, exclusive content and check-in text service via the app



Online coaching and mentoring programs

Holistic Life Coach , healer, entreprenur, blogger, speaker & advocate for mental and physical health awareness

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Important disclaimer: The information contained within Health Retreat at Home web site or within coaching sessions, classes, or workshops, is not a substitute for professional advice such as from a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, counselor or therapist of any kind. The information provided by Health Retreat at Home, Emma McAuliffe, Health and Wellness Life & Business coach does not constitute legal or medical professional advice nor is it intended to constitute such advice. This advice is for support services purposes only and internal referrals to professional services can be arranged however will be managed externally to health retreat at home. 

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