A Life Plan is a short written document, usually eight to fifteen pages long. It is created by you and for you. ... It is most of all a living document that you will tweak and adjust as necessary for the rest of your life



When we think about all the areas in our life and all the goals, commitments, people and situations in it, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to juggle it all.  This overwhelm comes from not being able to see how each thing is connected and how it connects to the bigger picture of what your life looks like and how you want it to look. One of the main reasons I’m not overly fond of smart goals as my only method of implementing change is because I find it too specific, segregated and not always easy to implement when there’s several underlying driving forces that are either motivating us or demotivating us!​


To effectively get back to basics and assess your 'why' and your underlying driving/ motivating factors is a game changer for anyone wanting to implement change in their life!


Goal setting is much more effective when you're able to reconnect with yourself and the world and really ask yourself why you are even doing it. Without knowing your why, it can be seen as simply putting a band-aid on the problem and avoiding the things that really matter and are really holding you back. In this E-Book not only is it a guide to creating your own life plan, but to get some tips and strategies on implementing a routine that will support you to create your ideal life!







Ebook - How to create a Life Plan



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