Emma McAuliffe: Holistic Life Coach, healer, entrepreneur, author, blogger, speaker & advocate for mental and physical health awareness!


Emma is a certified NLP coach who specializes in narrative therapy and alternative techniques and has been supporting people all over the world to self heal.

Emma’s work as a coach involves integrating personalized programs supporting the self healing journey of people awakening to the power they have within.

Emma’s unique approach integrates a number of healing modalities by using a systematic Life planning & organization system which she details in her complete 12 month self development program ‘Life House.’


Her signature program “Life house” helps women and men get back to basics, reassess their foundation and create the environment needed to heal the mind, body and soul from the inside out covering all areas.

The program and her methodology looks at life from the perspective that you are building or remodeling a house and uses a number of resources and tools to adapt the similar methodologies to re-designing your life by retraining your mind and manifesting what you really want.

She advocates the importance of bringing the benefits of a health retreat into the home, creating the space and environment for healing and believes we all need a personalized program for our life goals and journey that is unique to us. She often reiterates in her private community groups that there’s never a one size fits all approach to recovery as she’s learnt through her life and work.
Health Retreat at Home (her official coaching community) was born from this concept as Emma wanted to bring more coaching and support to people where it mattered most, in their own homes.

She saw a gap in the healthcare system and a need for supporting people through all of life’s challenges. She knew all to well the struggles of navigating the awakening process and self healing journey mostly alone and wanted to be a support person for others.

Her vision was to create a platform that supports people long term, not just in discovering their purpose and direction, but helping to implement and support them every step of the way.

Emma uses a blend of approaches she’s trained in (NLP - Neural Linguistic programming), CBC (Cognitive Behavioral Coaching) and Narrative therapy, as well as intuitive spiritual coaching and mentoring teaching mindfulness and meditation. It is her incredible personal story of healing and coming back from several mental and physical health issues that makes her style unique and compassion and understanding immeasurable! 

When Emma came to a point of desperation herself for an alternative option she then decided to train in self healing therapies including mindfulness & meditation and now teaches it in her private practice. 

She adopted and implemented a number of strategies she was learning and in a short time to everyone’s surprise healed her spine, hips and pelvis completely and now enjoys an active lifestyle free of pain or pills!
It then became her mission to spread awareness of the power of self healing as it saddened her to know that like her many people are not aware that they have the innate ability to heal themselves. She saw too many people like her living their lives as prisoners of their own minds and wanted to be a part of the change.

She then went on to do further studies in complementary medicine and has been obsessed with self development and healing since seeking out courses and training in healing modalities.

She embodies her message that it’s a life long process by sharing her journey with her private community, encouraging people to never stop evolving, to question everything and personalize your healthcare plan to include holistic care for your mind, body and soul!

​ She appreciates that healing is a process of unlearning and getting back to your true self by stripping away the conditioning and beliefs handed down to us. She learned through this experience of profound healing of her own spine the power of the mind and connection to spirit. She understands more than ever how our thoughts become our reality and how manifestation really works and now teaches these methodologies and techniques.


Emma’s mission and vision is to help others transform their lives and be free of self-inflicted pain and suffering.