Picture this, we are all in a cross-country long-distance race and there’s a finish line. We are all blind folded and all going at a different pace and direction because no one can see clearly. Some participants are really competitive and/or fearful and knocking other people down with their eyes blindly on the end line. Some participants are endurance runners, using the resources and skills in maintaining a steady pace and consistently pushing themselves beyond exhaustion. They know that at the end there is a finish line and it will all be worth it, and that is their motivating factor. Then there are a large number of people frantically stopping and starting, out of breath, resources and energy, just desperately trying to reach out to anyone available. Every single participant was told by someone at some point “you should do it “this way” and bases their approach on this advice and experience. For every single person their experience will be different, given how they perceive the race....

I have been a bit reluctant to do this post for some time now as there were multiple things telling me my networks and the world might not be ready to hear the alarm bell, but that changed for me today when I saw way too many social media posts that indicted people are wanting to go back to "normal".

It’s no surprise that the media driven messages are instilling in the community a fear strong enough to prompt bulk buying of supplies, as the message has been direct for a very long time, follow procedures or you will suffer the consequences.

This message has been passed down for centuries in many forms.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but there has been a massive shift in the world, with what appears to be the beginning of a new era. There’s a lot of fear around the end of the world, climate change, pain and suffering in the form of disease and illness taking so many

around us, that everyday people are choosing to become more and more closed off from one another, not realizing that it’s the d...

This is the story of my awakening –

It would be safe to say I had a fairly sheltered life as an adolescent. Having grown up in a stable and supportive home with two loving parents and an older sister. I grew up on the south coast of NSW where I did most of my schooling from preschool right up to year 11. As a child I was pretty placid, very rarely got into any trouble, and was never really social.

I always felt uncomfortable in social settings as I was extremely shy and had little to no self-confidence. I was also of a broad build even as a child and really tall, so I often had remarks of looking like a boy, giant or one of my nicknames was BFG. I found it difficult to fit in with most kids, and found I preferred to be on my own from an early age or around adults.

As a kid, I found it challenging connecting with kids as I never felt I could really fit in and often found myself preferring to spend time with my friends parents at sleep overs as I felt like the parents were more on the...

January 26, 2020

There I said it, someone had to, new years resolutions really do suck.

I know there’s people out there that will challenge this and tell me I’m wrong. I do agree they can be a great fresh start and clean slate for someone to implement change, but one thing I’ve come to realise when not just helping myself but so many people in my coaching practice set and achieve personal goals, it’s never been because of a single focused goal or pledge where there has been amazing results. In fact I’ve found this approach to goal setting extremely detrimental and this is why!

I know I’m not speaking on behalf of everyone as I’m sure some people really have found the new year to be a helpful time to kick start a goal, and have stuck with it for a period of time, but there’s a lot of evidence and real life stories about people starting off on a great foot, really motivated and kicking goals, to suddenly lose motivation and interest and fall into old habits very quickly. I was one of those people.

For many...

December 20, 2019

 "I pick at or bite my nails till they bleed, bite my bottom lip (sometimes till it bleeds) and even picking at the skin sores because as a result I feel disgusting and feel I look disgusting…which it’s actually a form of subtle self-harm- that's what anxiety can do to you"

Since starting my blog Organised Mess a few years ago, I’ve gone down the path of sharing my experiences and struggles with severe mental and physical health issues.

Although I have been very open and public, even speaking at public and private events as a mental health advocate, what many don’t know is that in addition to battling gereralised anxiety, depressions, PTSD and chrinic pain, I have personally been battling with Emetophobia for over 8 years now and it has impacted my life dramatically. It's this fear/phobia which is the link between many of the mental health issues I have struggled with, as it's one of the primiary triggers for anxiety and panic attacks over the years!

I haven't really touched on Emetophobi...

April 4, 2019

I have a monster that lives under the bed in my own head!

We all do, and to be honest, this one used to scare the absolute shit out of me and have a very negative influence on my life controlling everything!

I decided enough is enough! And one day I made the decision to fight off this monster for good, because I didn’t want to live my life in fear anymore.

Something amazing happened, right at the time I went to fight it off by allowing it to show it’s big scary face, I instead ended up getting to know it and making friends with it. I realised something, it’s not so bad, it’s is actually looking out for me as a friend who’s been with me for every minute of my life, trying to fight off all the other monsters. You see the monster, who I lovingly named the “imposter monster,” through all his experience of being bullied and told he will never be good enough, Is simply trying to stop the same thing from happening every time I put myself out there with such high risk of criticism. He actually ca...

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